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Mark Feldstein Singing Bird Wall Clock Green Frame Quartz

  • $ 2495

Singing Bird Wall Clock by Mark Feldstein. Features a green plastic frame and 12 different singing birds that chime on the hour (if you choose to use the chime).

Measures approximately 13-1/4 inches in diameter measured from the edge of the wood frame, and will stick out from your wall approximately 1-3/4 inches. Requires three size "AA" batteries to operate (not included). We have tested the clock and it works as it should. It chimes on the hour with the bird song from that hour. The plastic frame remains in nice condition with minimal scuffs or scratches from use (however there is a spot of discoloration on the side). The battery cover on the back of the clock is missing (will not affect operation or display at all, and honestly we have never once found one of these clocks that HAD a battery cover.). If you choose to silent the chiming, you can just remove those batteries.

Weighs approximately 1 pound 12 ounces before being packaged appropriately for shipping.

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